Innovations in technology have revolutionized the way we create and distribute information. The broad acceptance of XML as a standard for data interchange has spawned the advent of new authoring tools, information management solutions and electronic distribution media. The Internet promises the ability to realistically and affordably allow remote authoring, editing and review.

  The opportunity afforded to clients is significant, such as on-demand publications tailored to the specific interests of the customer and real-time updates of mission critical information.

  Paper, CD and Internet output from the same database can be available without costly conversions. All of the pieces for success can be available; the only missing element is the expertise necessary to make the pieces work.

  IBD's solutions will improve our clients' ability to create, search, extract, and manage content. Your company will be able to reuse data, streamline workflow and leverage information assets throughout your organization.

  We will offer a full range of consulting, integration, optimization and training services for professionals in editorial, publishing, printing and electronic document management. IBD can develop programs and services to complement your internal resources and fit them to your unique requirements.

  We understand the importance of your workflow and production capability and will work with you to ensure that your content management solution offers the highest degree of productivity, efficiency and cost savings.

  Our experienced project managers possess a unique combination of technical expertise and hands-on production knowledge. Most importantly, when you select IBD, you have an experienced partner vested in your success that will remain at your side throughout the entire implementation.