In this dynamic and highly competitive market, we realize the potential benefits of a U.S. / Sino partnering relationship. Some of those benefits are lowered offshore costs and reduced domestic manpower. However, we feel it is a real advantage to have a representative of the offshore company who is close to you and can communicate with you in real-time,

  Our U.S. representative, Lee Shoon-Hammond, a native of Beijing, China lives and works in the U.S. She has more than 13 years experience in International Marketing, Database development, Vendor Relations and Global Sourcing. She has overseen billions of character projects that were completed in China, demonstrating that China has resources that can be leveraged.

  Lee Shoon has founded and established China Link Consultants Inc., a Minnesota based, offshore conversion vending operation. China Link promotes and markets business relationships between the U.S. and China, particularly IBD. She has helped to develop and expand successful relationships in the United States and Europe.

  As a bridge between Chinese and U.S. companies, China Link Consultants works to assist its partners in developing a strong relationship for achieving mutual benefits.
..."We realize that to compete in this market, we need to work together with our customers to support their needs and prove that partnering with an offshore data conversion company can be a mutually advantageous experience"... Lee Shoon-Hammond

  If your company is in need of new leveraging opportunities, increased capabilities, fast turnaround, multiple skill-sets, high quality and cost savings provided by offshore data conversion, Ms. Hammond invites you take advantage of a free pilot-run to allow her to show you her capabilities. You may also complete a request for quote online or contact her with any additional questions you may have.