The IBD Data Tracking System is a Web empowered computer that provides data tracking and project control to our clients in real-time from any computer with Internet access. The system allows you to have up-to-the-minute status on your digital content at any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The information, drawn directly from our servers is password-protected with 2 firewalls set-up to ensure security and privacy to the users. The Data Tracking System will allow you to:

·Check the status of a working project
·Attach messages or requests
·Validate receiving and shipping

  This is a convenient, accurate, and reliable way to track your data. There are 2 access types available:

·User - This access allows a single client to log-on and search for their project(s), view the current status, and send text communications.

·Super-User - This access allows complete project viewing of an entire company, regardless of who has ownership of the projects. Instructions and other text messages can be forwarded.

  *In the future, you can log-in to the Data Tracking System directly from the home page.