International Business Data Co. provides support to the design, implementation and maintenance of critical corporate data. We have a very strong team of highly qualified software programmers & analysts who are actively involved in providing technical information pertaining to the functions of data processing.

  IBD managers are faced with the challenge of managing and maintaining the critical data of a variety of organizations, companies, and institutions; -- information that represents the cornerstone of operational transparency.

  Content Management System implementations often require the conversion of legacy data to XML or SGML. It is sometimes difficult to convert unstructured data into valid structured markup, you may need to import or export XML/SGML data using a different DTD's. IBD can help you achieve these tasks with minimal resources.

  IBD uses Mark up Languages for large volumes of legacy information, generating computerized files that can be economically useful in many ways. Our SGML and XML creation begins with Document Type Definition, (DTD) and other specifications from the customer.

  With every project being unique, IBD examines the specific customer need and creates data models, coding properties, image methodology if needed, quality procedures and document manipulation. The documents are provided with SGML / XML tags, internal and external linkages, and identifiers used as pointers and targets in the data.
On completion of entry of source file conversion, files are passed through validation software. This process is repeated until the file is error free. The file is then normalized and checked for complete parsability and readability.

  Our expertise covers SGML and XML conversions for technical documents, legal publishing, magazines, newspapers, journals, encyclopedias, students question / answer books and documents with or without tables, equations and graphics.

  IBD offers a suite of information engineering and data management services to facilitate the development and maintenance of critical business applications and database interfaces. Reverse engineering of legacy systems using commercially available development and reengineering tools integrated on a single meta-data repository.

·Data conversion interfaces are defined, modeled and documented as part of the meta-data repository
·Interface meta-data definitions are validated and managed using quality assurance and configuration management practices and tools.
·Data validation is achieved through the use of business rules and referential integrity defined during the design of both source and target systems.

  IBD Products and services enable our clients to develop, deploy and maintain strategic information technologies able to adapt to evolving business conditions. Paramount to each initiative undertaken by IBD is the transfer of technology and knowledge to our client.

  IBD is one of the best data processing companies in China, offering services to the global marketplace. We are providing 99.995% accurate and economical data processing & keying service to our customers. We provide both online & offline time critical data processing services as follows:

·Needs Assessment
·Project Specification and Design
·Database Creation
·Project Management
·Customization and Tailoring
·Legacy data conversion
·SGML, HTML, XML and Custom Coding
·Data Capture (Keyboarding, Electronic Conversion, Hard-copy, Scanning/ OCR)
·DTD Development
·Fast Turn-around (12 Hours on some projects)
·Troubleshooting and problem solving
·Process tracking, logging and reporting tools
·Custom data processing tools