The future of the data conversion business is being re-defined through outsourcing and co-sourcing. If your company is to be able to save costs, reduce manpower, and secure better conversion services, you must be able to identify the benefits and solutions provided by your cooperative partners.

  Every business can benefit from outsourcing through technology enhancements that cater to the industry of data conversion and electronic publishing. We will be living in an "e-Structured" world, where outsourcing and co-sourcing define the leverage that your company will have over others.

  IBD can deliver the maximum competitive advantages back to you many times over, ensuring that your company maintains a feasible cost profile with minimum capital investment and risk.
Extended benefits include:

·Rapid needs assessment prior to ownership
·Faster development and start up on new projects
·Lower project costs that surely affect the bottom line
·Fast ramp-up time with new clients and projects
·Customized technologies and skill sets
·Multi-Channel Communication in several languages
·Superior Project Management and Quality Control
·Alternative connectivity including VPN's
·Technical support and training
·Database Programming
·Real-time data tracking and project control
·Trouble Shooting and Problem Solving
·Sound operational infrastructure
·Business continuation and contingency plans

  IBD can convert data from any format into a digital version, which will allow your company to network your information and retrieve your data, thus allowing your company to focus on other matters that require attention.

  Offshore data conversion is the wave of the future. IBD is proud of its track record and capabilities. We have converted vast amounts of data for multiple clients in Asia, the Americas and Europe. We are currently expanding our customer base to include the entire global market.