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  (Grand Bay View Hotel)

  Normally before a decision is made between a client and a conversion company, the client will come to China to take a look at us and validate our skills. These visits are often brief and hurried for various reasons, and often the visitor misses-out on the true flavor of this coastal paradise.

  We know your trip here is for business, but...if you should manage to free up a day or two, a weekend, or even if it is only overnight, we have already prepared to make you comfortable. Our company is located in the lavishly landscaped city of Zhuhai ( Airscape of Zhuhai ), one of the most beautiful resort cities in China.

  Zhuhai is a well-kept, meticulously groomed seaside city in Southeast Guangdong Province, face-to-face with the South China Sea. It is not a crowded and busy metro area like some larger cities, but a garden seaside city with about 430 miles of coastline wrapped around 146 large and small islands. Zhuhai was established in 1979 as a special economic zone which lends to its success in international business.

  Zhuhai is nice wherever you go! There are plenty places to shop, eat or relax. There is a modern amusement park here, golf courses, rock and hill climbing or if you like to walk along the water, that's fine too, because the entire south side of Zhuhai is an oceanfront boardwalk. Zhuhai holds an annual air show and the Grand Prix auto race is held in Macau. If you like night life, there is a variety of things to do and many places to go.


  To learn more about Zhuhai, or to see more pictures, please visit this site:
  Although well known as a casino city, neighboring Macau (Macau at Night) has a special mix of Chinese and Portuguese culture. It is indeed strange to walk in an entirely Chinese city, with Chinese people, Chinese chaos, mostly Chinese architecture and Chinese temples, and then suddenly see a Portuguese road sign, Portuguese ceramics in a house, Portuguese shop signs, and Portuguese church. It is even possible to find completely Portuguese buildings.

  Our guests who come to visit us, will have special arrangements for lodging at the Grand Bay View Hotell in Zhuhai. The hotel is situated on the picturesque Water-Bay Road in the Gongbei district of Zhuhai, backed by the green General Mountain, facing the South China Sea and overlooking the prosperous metropolis of Macau.

  It is a 3 minute drive to the Gongbei Pass, 5 minutes to the Jiuzhou Harbor Passenger Transportation Ferry, where you can ride to Hong Kong in about 1 hour!

  The Grand Bay View is a 5 star hotel with a very professional staff to make your stay easy and comfortable. For more information about the Grand Bay View Hotel, please click on the hotel's website link provided below.