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  As a part of any new client or customer visit, a company tour is in order. International Business Data, Ltd., is located in Zhuhai's Southern Software Park. The park is a brand new facility created by the Ministry of Information Industry (MII), the Zhuhai government and the investment arm of China's State Planning Commission.

  The State Planning Commission's investment of over $25 million in the software park has elevated it to the status of a national-level project on the scale of China's "golden" IT infrastructure projects. That elevation stems from the Chinese government's recognition of the potential of software development as a key driver of China's economy.

  The roots of the software park go back to 1995, when the Ministry of Electronics Industry and the Zhuhai government attracted Apple Computer Inc. to set up a regional research and development center in Zhuhai.

   IBD sees the potential of this location as a means of developing the software resources and expertise it needs to carry out data conversion and co-sourcing projects to a wide variety of clients. Our data processing center is supported with state-of-the-art infrastructure and resources in conjunction with the skilled manpower strength that we recruit.

  IBD's office spaces rival that of any other new offices in the west. Our spaces are large, comfortable, climate controlled and scaleable. We have made a significant contribution in office equipment at this location and all of our computers and servers are new. Some of our new resources include:
·File servers
·Dedicated mail servers
·VPN Connectivity
·Ample work Stations
·R&D Team
·XML Training
·English Training
·2400-9600 Daily man-hour workforce
·Able to key 10 Million characters daily
·Solid business continuation and contingency plans

  Chinese data conversion companies provide unique value to the data conversion industry. Our culture and work ethic helps us train dedicated and detail-oriented employees. We nurture business relationships and always strive to provide superior customer service.