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  IBD has unique needs just as our customers do. If we are going to compete in these rapidly changing times, we must also keep our forces trained. IBD has established IBD University, which has been loosely modeled after other very successful training programs.

  Our University is an in-house, communication and solution-based training program for our managers, middle management staff and other employees who have core process ownership. We focus on communication and data processing, and expand our course curriculum from these roots.
  The IBD curriculum is similar to that of a regular college, but with much fewer students. Our Corporate Trainer is a Native American from New York, who currently resides in China.

At IBD we teach:

·XML/SGML concepts as they relate to the specific needs of your environment.
·Data architecture development
·User defined Macros
·Native English training
·Western Business Culture
·Western Etiquette
·Team work skills
·Time and project management
·Customer service
·E-mail, and Business letter writing

  Our solutions are different because they are customized. We learn your business and train you on your materials. IBD courses include your data, and address specific scenarios related to your organization. The result is a class that satisfies the specific needs of our customers. IBD's training offers several distinct advantages.

  Our training is focused on the needs of your particular organization, therefore our staff is able to gain an in-depth understanding of the process that will become key to the success of the project.