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  Over the past two years, IBD has focused on establishing a greater U.S. and international presence. We intend to continue strengthening our customer service and business development functions in North America and Europe. We bring with us an enviable track record of exemplary performance and superior customer service, compiled through our 13 years of offshore data conversion services.

  The mission of International Business Data is to be an industry leader in content preparation for organizations serious about mining, extracting and collecting data. Our goal is to assist companies in reorganizing and re-purposing data to be used in new applications and technologies.

  We realize that each industry has unique data conversion issues and IBD has focused on developing the in-depth knowledge to deal with these issues. IBD has established a project team with specific expertise in a number of industry areas.

  Our company has been immersed in the task of converting data for very demanding customers and has developed conversion processes customized to the specific needs of our various clients. We work closely with these clients to ensure that we fully understand their exacting requirements.

  We are able to communicate with our customers in several languages, including native English, thereby enabling everyone to have hassle-free communications that allows business to run smoothly.

  IBD operates in a sound and stable infrastructure. This makes it easy and efficient for us to get our customer's work done in the required time or sooner, with minimum risk. We provide real solutions to our customers, who are able to see their work in progress using our online data-tracking system.