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  IBD's primary Data Processing facility was initially established as a branch of China's State Information Center (SIC) with United Nations funding to conduct the Peoples Republic of China's, (PRC's) first computerized census.

  SIC is the government body responsible for delivering information technology services throughout the PRC. The SIC is composed of 8 bureau-level departments and several sub-companies, it has regional offices and information centers dispersed throughout the country's 30 provinces and 16 large cities, operating on an advanced nationwide private IP data network running over an ATM backbone.

  The CEInet (China Economic Information Network) developed by SIC is the largest Internet information server in China. SIC is one of the key players in the project on National Spatial Information Infrastructure (NSII), which is sponsored by the State Development Planning Commission and Ministry of Science and Technology.

  All of SIC's 500 regional offices and the Beijing headquarters have modern communication equipment and are linked together using voice-over IP (VoIP). One of SIC's long term objectives is to connect all government information centers using VoIP as part of its bold "e-Government" initiative.

  Upon completion of the census, IBD gathered industrial data for the SIC until 1988. In 1988, the facility became a subsidiary of the SIC and was chartered under the name of International Business Data, Ltd., to process commercial data entry and engage in software development.

   IBD was granted complete autonomy in 1988 to conduct it's operations on a profit-making basis, receiving no funding from, and minimum control from the SIC.
In 1993, IBD became a subsidiary of SIC's newly established China Guoxin Information Corporation (CGIC), which is one of the leading companies that deals with information technology in China.

  IBD supplies data entry and data conversion services to organizations such as government agencies, publishing companies, universities, libraries, and virtually any company that needs to capture and convert their data. IBD has offices in China and in the United States.